Spontaneous Human Combustion: Reports in Chronological Order

"Spontaneous Human Combustion" is the name given to those events in which humans appear to have burst into flames with no external ignition source; in short, events in which people appear to have unnaturally self-ignited. The known claims of evidence for, and against, Spontaneous Human Combustion are listed here in chronological order.

About the Titles of the Accounts

A ton of weird stuff has been alledged to be associated with the possibilities of Spontaneous Human Combustions and Preternatural Combustibility, beyond the obvious cases of strange fire deaths.

        To help sort it all out, the titles given to each account roughly describes the nature of the event. Hence, titles ending in the following terms have the following characteristics:

  • Fiery Death: An account in which the victim was discovered dead by means of fire.
  • Evidential: An account that has been quoted by authorities as evidence disproving the phenomena of SHC.
  • Combustion: An account which claims a person was witnessed to burst into flame for no reason.

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Claimed Cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion