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Chronology of the Strange: 21st Century

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Welcome to the Anomalies Chronology of the Strange! This page serves two purposes: first, it provides a chronological list of the separate events profiled in Anomalies; but secondly, it allows me a place to make brief notes of topics that either don't warrant a full page unto themselves or that are awaiting full investigation... so this list contains many small occurrences not seen in the primary index for Anomalies. Pick a date range above and start exploring!

2000-12-31: A Ghostly Hanger-On
2007-10-18: Tree Attacks Cow
2009-02: Sleepwalk Emails
2010-04-23: A Christmas Ghost
2014-03-28: A Plantation Ghost
2015-10-16: Ghostly Fingerprints?
2016-10-8: A Ghost Child
2016-10-31: Ghostly Photobomb
2017-11-7: Ghost Eats Organs?!
2017-11-13: Grocery Store Ghost
2017-10-5: A Patient Vanishes
2017-10-31: Ghosts on the Train
2017-10-2: The Loch Ness Fin
2017-06-30: A VERY Private Life
2017-06-25: Nailed.
2017-03-26: Snake Swallows Man
2017-02-25: A Fishy Selfie