1936~1962: Reynolds News Reports a Human Combustion

The Legend: 

Sometime between 1936 and 1962, Reynold’s News recorded the death of a London man who, while walking along the street, “appeared to explode. His clothes burned fiercely, his hair was burned off, and the rubber-soled boots melted on his feet.


        This event is described in Reader’s Digest's 1976 book Strange Stories, Amazing Facts as happening "a few years later" than the 'Englishman’s Fiery Death', another account for which they give no date. Ug. However.

        Reynold’s News was a periodical in England from 1936 to 1944; it’s name changed to Reynold’s News and Sunday Citizen in 1944, and again to Sunday Citizen in 1962, eventually folding in 1967. So, by implication, if the report above does indeed come from Reynold’s News, it’s likely dated for sometime between 1936 and 1962. Given that, however, there is not enough detail to hunt this one down and confirm it yet, and I have not yet seen an account of it earlier than the Strange Stories, Amazing Facts. Until I can find more information, this account is marked as Unreliable and Needs Investigation.

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