1732 (pre): Unknown Woman’s Death by Vomiting Fire

According to a study of strange fire deaths published in 1732 by Rev. Giuseppe Bianchini: “The most celebrated Borelli relates how he was told, that a Woman vomited Flames in the Point of Death: You may read, says he, in Bartolinus de Luce, and in Eusebius Nierembergensis his History Nat. Peregrin. how such Accidents did often happen in great Drinkers of Wine and Brandy...

Source’s Sources

    “Borelli” likely means Giovanni Alfonso Borelli [1608-1679] who was a physiologist, physicist, and mathematician of Italy. The most likely book to contain this sort of matter is his De Motu Animalium, which is his study of how muscles work... but the account above is not in De Motu Animalium that I've been able to see. Borelli also wrote books about the movement of the planets, and on geological matters; and a search for "Borelli" with the phrase "vomits flames" generally brings up a reference to his study of volcanoes.

        Eusebius Nierembergensis and his "History Nat. Peregrin" are mentioned in many books about Spontaneous Human Combustion, and I've been able to confirm an author by that name existed; but anything he wrote has not been generally distributed, so I have to see where his original manuscripts are before I can begin to see if this account (or anything like it) is actually covered by him.

        So, given that the story is extremely vague on details, and that I cannot find an earlier source, it currently is considered to be an Unreliable account.

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