1732 (pre): Fiery Excretion

According to Rev. Giuseppe Bianchini writing in 1732, an earlier text called the History Nat. Peregrin, written by a man named Eusebius Nierembergensis, expressed a most singular case: it apparently described "how Fire came out from the privy Parts of a Woman!”

Waaaay Unreliable

        Intriguing though this little mention is, I have not been able to track down either the author nor the book it is attributed to yet. It's possible that the author mentioned is one Joannes Eusebius Nierembergensis, who was apparently the author of a number of biographies of notable residents of Spain some time previous to 1686... but no guarentees. I'll keep digging.

        Until the original source, or other information, can be found, I've marked this story as 'Unreliable'!