1962 (pre): Englishman’s Fiery Death

The Legend: 

Sometime previous to 1962 (as explained below), an un-named Englishman was found totally incinerated in the cab of his truck. The London Daily Telegraph reported: "Police witnesses testified they had found the petrol tank full and unharmed by fire, the doors of the cab opened easily, but the interior was 'a veritable furnace.' The coroner's jury declared they were unable to determine how the accident occurred."

Not Enough 

        This sketchy account comes from Reader's Digest's Strange Stories, Amazing Facts, published in 1976... and there simply isn’t enough here for me to determine if the event really happened.

        A second account in the same article is said to have happened "a few years after" this event, even though a time is not given for either. As the other event is said to have been reported in Reynold's News and to have involved an automobile, I've narrowed down it's possible time range to 1936~1962... and since the above event theoretically happened first, I date it as previous to 1962. Assuming, of course, that either event actually happened... I have about just as little to go on for the other event as I do for this one!

        So, not surprisingly, I'm marking this event as 'Under Investigation,' and 'Unreliable.'

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