Email Checkpoint

ANOMALIES has been receiving so much email recently that it has become more than I can possibly respond to. In order to thin out the mail some, this page has answers to the most common matters I am emailed about... please check the list below to see if any of the subjects apply to you. If not, then feel free to click on the email link at the bottom of the page.

  1. What sort of @#^%@*& morons are you Anomalies guys, anyway?!
    So you disagree with something in one of the articles... understandable. The articles are compiled from a variety of books, and they are not always right. Please don't send an email full of cuss words and no explanation; tell me which article has upset you, what you disagree with, and -- if possible -- a reference to a book, article, or video, that supports your viewpoint. That way I can update the article with the new information. All sending me a rude email does is waste your time and mine.
  2. May I use your articles as a reference for a paper?
    Students and authors of any age have permission to use any article in Anomalies as a reference (but, hopefully, not the only one) for a paper. This means you can use the information -- not just copy the text -- as long as you cite Anomalies in your bibliography. The citation should mention the website name [Anomalies], the URL of the site [], the specific name of the article you are referencing, and the author's name. At this point in time, the name of the author of all the articles (namely, me), is Garth Haslam.
  3. May I copy your articles for my web site?
    NO. No one has the permission to post these articles at any site other than Anomalies. You do have my permission to link to a posted article within my site, but you may not re-post the article anywhere else or in an altered format. I work hard to write these articles; if you feel your own web site needs more content, then please write your own articles. If you know of someone posting one of the Anomalies articles at a site outside the address, I would appreciate being notified immediately at the email link below.
  4. Can you send me more information about [INSERT SUBJECT HERE]?
    If you have a specific question about a subject I have written about in Anomalies, then please do ask; but if what you want is just generally more information, then please don't ask. I usually do have more information waiting to be added to the articles in Anomalies... but for the most part, I don't have time to pull it all together just to send it to an individual. I would suggest simply looking up the books and magazines used as sources for the articles to read more about a subject.
If none of the above applies to you, then Click Here to email ANOMALIES.