1964, October: Olga Worth Stephens’ Combustion

The Legend: 

In October 1964, 75-year-old Olga Worth Stephens of Dallas, Texas, was seen to burst into flames while sitting in her parked car. By the time help reached her, she had been burned beyond recognition; yet nothing else in the vehicle was damaged. Investigation was unable to explain the fire.

The Facts So Far

       I've tracked one short contemporary newspaper report of Olga Worth Stephens' death so far. Mrs. Stephens did in fact go up in flames in the back of a car while waiting for friends; but the event was not described as "burst into flames". Rather, we are told that she died at Dallas from burns suffered when her clothing ignited, and that police "did not immediately determine what caused the fire." There is no statement that the vehicle was undamaged. She died on Friday, October 23, but this may not be the date of the fire.