1600~1699: English Woman’s Fiery Death

The Legend:

Sometime in the 17th century, an elderly woman was found burned to death in her cottage in southeastern England. Other than the woman, nothing else in the cottage was damaged; not even the bedclothes (sheets) on which she lay. An observer was quoted as saying: "No man knoweth what this doth portend." There were suggestions that it was divine retribution for an unknown sin.

Sooooo Unreliable

        The highly un-detailed account above is from Reader's Digest Strange Stories, Amazing Facts, and -- not surprisingly -- they don't give a source for their story. Given the extremely vague nature of this story -- we're missing the who, where, and when, for the most part -- I'll be lucky to recognize this account if I see a better version of it in another book... and without more details, it's totally unconfirmable.