1914~1938: G.A. Shepherdson’s Combustion

The Legend: 

Sometime between 1914 and 1938 (when an account of this was possibly published), G.A. Shepherdson, a Hull building contractor, was driving past one of his construction sites near Hessle, Yorkshire, England, and waved to several workmen he knew; a moment later, he suddenly burst into flames.

Not Enough 

        My primary source for this brief account is Emile Schurmacher’s Strange Unsolved Mysteries, published in May 1967. Schurmacher claims it came from a newspaper called the Sheffield Independent. This particular newspaper ran from 1819 to 1938; cars, of course, were not mass-marketed until 1914, so the event theoretically occurred between 1914 and 1938. In practice, I have not yet been able to confirm this previous source’s existence, or find any other source for this account... so for now it is unverifiable... and therefor marked as Unreliable as evidence of anything paranormal.