1944: Peter Jones, Spontaneous Combustion Survivor

In 2007, Fred Lee Aeilts published the following claim in his book, Cosmic Mechanics. In a section discussing the theory of 'Spontaneous Human Combustion' -- which is the proposed possibility of a person igniting from the inside of their body and burning to ashes for unknown reasons -- Aeilts briefly mentions:

"In 1944 Peter Jones survived this experience and reported that there was no sensation of heat nor sighting of flames. He just saw smoke. He stated that he felt no pain."

This brief claim has appeared in many websites related to spontaneous human combustion since... which is a pity, as it's incorrect.

        The claim itself is clearly based on another account, that of Peter Lynam Jones who has claimed to have smoke emanate from his arms twice on a day in 1980. As such, I'm marking this account as "Factually Challenged"... and you'll find a link to the 1980 account below.

        The main question I have regarding this story is whether or not Aeilts got it from another source, or if Aeilts is the first to report it; but that doesn't change the simple fact it's wrong.

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