2015, October 6: ’Jersey Devil’ Photographed

Legend in New Jersey, USA, tells that a strange beast born in 1735 still haunts a vast forest called the Pine Barrens. Once called the "Leeds' Devil" after the name of the family that birthed it, the creature is now known more familiarly as the 'Jersey Devil'. Reports of sightings or encounters with this creature have been fairly sparse over the three-hundred year or so lifespan of the monster, but on October 6, 2015, someone may have taken its picture.

Jersey Devil?
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        On Tuesday, October 6, Little Egg Harbor resident Dave Black was driving home from work in Atlantic City. He was passing the golf course in Galloway on Route 9, when he saw something running in and out of the trees lining the road; his first impression, though unlikely, was that he was seeing a llama.

        Then it spread out a pair of leathery wings, and flew off over the golf course.

        Black grabbed his cell phone and tried to get pictures; he managed a few photos, but only one showed something unusual... which is, of course, what you see here. The animal soon disappeared from view.

        After an hour of trying to figure out what he'd seen, Black sent the photo to journalist Kelly Roncace at the website NJ.Com. Roncace has a weekly feature she publishes on the site called "Paranormal Corner," which is likely why Black thought she'd be a good person to send the photo and story to. Roncace suspected that the photo might have been faked or staged, but Black seemed genuinely perplexed by what he saw and was willing to have his name in print stating that... "I'm not looking for anything in return, just thought someone else could maybe explain this in a more rational way."

        Put quite simply, Black claims he saw a flying mammal about the size of a deer; and while he has called it the Jersey Devil, that was only by way of a guess. So what looks like a winged goat and flies? Black did convince Roncace that he is not trying to pull a prank -- though she statedly still doesn't believe the photo is real.

        Just to make matters more interesting, the article in NJ.Com's website about Black's photograph also was the first posting of what is claimed to be a video taken of the Jersey Devil. This video shows a similar creature... follow the 'See Also' link below to read that account.

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