2017, July: The Face in the Mirror

On November 28, 2018, the website Slapped Ham posted a strange photo they had been sent by a Facebook user in the state of Connecticut, USA. The picture, as claimed by the person who sent it to Slapped Ham, was taken in July, 2017, just before she left to attend a wedding. She was wearing her mother's dress, and wanted to send her a picture to show how it fit (the woman's face was blurred by Slapped Ham):

The selfie in question. [Larger version here]

         It was after the wedding, while waiting to meet a friend, that she realized something was wrong with the picture. She was panning through her shots from the day when she realized that there appeared to be a face looking out from the small mirror behind her. She had been alone.

        The discovery scared and unnerved her enough that she didn't want to return home. After she calmed down some, she did return, and then set out to try to recreate the image... but after several shots, taken while wearing the same dress and standing in the same place, all she could see in the small mirror was the reflection of the hair on the back of her head.

        She had lived in this condo for three years with her son. The week before they moved in, the body of a man was found in the next door condo; he had been dead for a week before his body was discovered. After this photo, she started to recall some strange things that the two of them had been ignoring about their upstairs bathroom -- water turning itself on, shower curtains being found open when they were left closed, and a general eerie presence felt in the room when they were showering. She was now worried that the ghost of the next door neighbor had moved in... and that the photo was the proof of the matter.

About the Source

        The Slapped Ham website presents paranormal and weird stories as a form of entertainment... therefore, they don't really dig too much for answers, usually just asking people to post their comments and calling it good. With a large Facebook following, it makes absolute sense that they would occasionally receive accounts of odd phenomena from people; but it also means that you're on your own if you want answers.

        We have just the one photo posted by Slapped Ham; the woman doesn't appear to have sent any of the later test photos, so we can't do a comparison. While the size of the given photo is not very big itself, I can take one guess at a possible identification of what we are seeing in the small mirror. Here's a blow-up of the small mirror in the photo:


While the shape in the small mirror can be interpreted as a face with two creepy eyes, another possibility is that we are looking at the nape of her neck where the hairline starts, exposed because she's wearing her hair up. Multiple shots later might have been taken at a different angle; if she didn't realize the shape might be the nape of her neck, she wouldn't have gone out of her way to test that.

        This, of course, says nothing about the other matters the woman reported happening in her home; but she might find it comforting to know that, at least in this case, it might not be a supernatural entity staring at her.

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