2017, March 22: Bigfoot Blamed for Crash

According to a report made at the Latah County Sheriff's Office in Moscow, Idaho, USA, at 12:30AM on March 23, by a 50-year-old woman from the town of Tensed: Bigfoot caused her to crash her car.


        As the woman reported it: she had been driving on US95 just north of the town of Potlatch around 11:00PM on Wednesday, March 22, when she saw a 'Sasquatch' -- a large hair-covered humanoid, which she said was about 7 to 8 feet tall -- chase some deer onto the highway... and when she looked in her rear view mirror to get a better glimpse of the fur-covered hominid, she hit one of the deer. Under the circumstances she just kept driving her damaged vehicle, picked up her husband at his work, and then went straight to the sheriff's office. She had received a minor neck injury due to the collision with the deer.

        A Latah County Sheriff's Deputy investigated the scene, and found evidence of the collision; but at the time this story hit news sites, there was no statement on if the deputy found evidence of Bigfoot, or if the deer that had been hit was still on the scene.

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