Chronology of the Strange: 20th Century

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Welcome to the Anomalies Chronology of the Strange! This page serves two purposes: first, it provides a chronological list of the separate events profiled in Anomalies; but secondly, it allows me a place to make brief notes of topics that either don't warrant a full page unto themselves or that are awaiting full investigation... so this list contains many small occurrences not seen in the primary index for Anomalies. Pick a date range above and start exploring!

1995-11-19: A Ghost in the Fire?
1990-04: Snake Shoots Man
1979-10-12: Night Ride Riddle
1977-01-26: Slabs and Blocks?
1973-07-17: A Strange Theft
1965-12-16: Gemini VI Sights UFO?
1964-08-29: Alien Antenna?
1961-02-11: A Difficult Summons
1952-09-18: An Impossible Suicide
1948-06-9: A Yeti Battle!
1942 (ca.): A Wedding Day Ghost
1939~1945: Natzis Fight Troll
1938 (pre): The Girl Died Twice
1938-09-27: The Baby Catcher
1937 (pre): Girl Captures Gnome
1937 (pre): Strange Visit
1929 (pre): Tibetan Mystery
1914~1918 (ca.): Hideous Face Haunts Family
1913-01-6: A Patient Bullet
1908 (pre.): Cavalier's Ghost
1907-01-19: Vision of a Hearse