2016, October 31: Crumlin Road Gaol Ghost Girl

The Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast, Ireland, started to offer night-time 'paranormal tours' in 2012... and on October 31, 2016, someone may have got more than they expected out of the visit.

        Carly Foster had visited the tourist attraction on the night of the 31st, and was scrolling through her pictures after the tour when she found something odd. She had taken two pictures of a hallway, one after the other, with only enough time between them to shift the camera in her hand... but something appeared in the second photo that wasn't in the first. A white shape in a doorway.

Picture 1
The first shot of the hall...

Picture 2
The second shot, showing object in doorway. [Larger versions here]

The doorway.
Highest resolution on just the doorway from first and second shot.

        Foster said that the hallway where the picture had been taken had felt "weird and unsettled in and it was freezing cold." Around the same time, the tour guide had talked about the spirits of a boy and a girl who they claimed were in the jail... and Foster had taken the pictures after the guide had called out the boy's name. Despite this, the Belfast Live website -- who first reported the matter -- claimed the object was a ghostly girl.

        In addition, Foster and her boyfriend had heard a heavy steel door close on its own, a strange ringing noise, and the name of the girl ghost mentioned by the tour guide -- "Isabelle" -- spoken into one of the group's EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomena] recorders.

        Foster was quoted as saying "I would be quite a sceptical person, that's why I was so taken aback, that's why it freaked me out. ...  I am a bit of a believer now."


        It's hard, but an object can also be seen in the doorway in the first picture taken... and a comparison of the doorways in the two pictures shows they are not simply showing the same object under different lighting.

Light version.
Lightened up...

        So it appears that something was in fact either moving or appearing as the pictures were taken... but the picture quality is not good enough to be definitive about what we're seeing. At least I can say it's not the mattress I initially thought was leaned in the doorway!

        I do need to mention that one year later, on October 31, 2017, another picture was taken in the jail that is claimed to show a ghostly girl... follow the link below for more on that.

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