2017, February 25: Fishing Trip Selfie

On February 25, 2017, a Saturday, Jessica Ogletree, her son and daughter, and their grandparents had gone fishing in Tifton, GA, United States. When they were ready to head home and were packing up their stuff, Ogletree's daughter, Haley (13 years old), took a selfie while sitting in the car. Looking through the pictures a little later the same day, Haley got a shock: there was someone in the selfie who had not been there when she took the shot!

The selfie. [Larger version here]

A closeup.

        Behind the car is her brother, Kolton, in a blue/green shirt and busy fixing a tacklebox at the time... but next to Kolton is another figure, dark and partly transparent! Kolton confirmed he was alone while fixing the tacklebox, so there should be no other figure in the picture. Ogletree took the experience in stride, posting the photo to her Facebook account and commenting that her son had "caught the biggest fish he'd ever caught," and that it looked like the mystery man was happy for him.

        Not surprisingly, reactions to the post ranged from stunned amazement to people claiming it was a photoshop fake... in short, either they believed Ogletree or they didn't; and in cases like this, that's about all there is choice-wise.