2015, October 12 (pre): Video of the Jersey Devil

On October 12, 2015, a video showing a strange creature flying was posted to the NJ.Com website; the video had been submitted by a person named Emily Martin, and was said to have been taken on the Old Port Republic Road near Leeds Point, New Jersey, USA. No other details were shared.

        The video was mentioned in part of an article about an odd photo taken by a different New Jersey resident that appeared to show a very similar creature (follow the 'See Also' link below to read that account). Both this video and that photo have been proposed as evidence of the existence of a legendary monster called the 'Jersey Devil', rumored to have haunted the forested area called the Pine Barrens since 1735.

        The page the video was displayed on was taken down sometime after December 4, 2016, which is when the last copy of it was on is documented in the Internet Archive... but the video still exists:

And here are some stills from the video, in case you want a better look.

Devil 1

Devil 2

Devil 3

Devil 4

The main detail I will point out is that the creature's limbs don't move during the short time its in the frame... the wings flap, but the limbs and body show no movement of the legs, neck, or head, even though the body rotates slightly in the view as the creature flies across. This could indicate a fake body being carried by real wings, odd though that thought is; owl carrying a plush toy?

        I was hoping to get more details about when the video was taken, and how the NJ.Com site came into possession of it; of course, since they pulled down their page displaying it, it's unlikely they'll want to discuss the matter!

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