2016, April 4: Doll For Sale

Oh, the things that appear in Craigslist. This beauty was posted in the Oklahoma City branch of Craigslist on April 4, 2016, and was flagged and pulled down by the next day... but not before the ad could be screen captured.

Doll for Sale (CHEAP!)A curious ad. [Picture sources here]

It was all over Facebook and Pinterest by the time the listing was gone, and hit news websites like the Huffington Post by April 5th. Too bad they missed posting it on April 1st! On the other hand... I may have to keep an eye out for further developments...

        A search through Google performed on April 5, 2016, for the title "Doll For Sale - Make Offer - $1 (OKC)" actually turned up the link for the original posting, dated by Google as "1 day earlier." Clicking through revealed it had since been pulled down... and soon enough, all evidence of the listing in Craigslist will vanish.

Gone, but Not Forgotten

        Odds are that the posting won't vanish anytime soon though... as it turns out, this is not the first time this image and listing has appeared in Craigslist. An image search through Google pulled up the following:

Another one...
A previous ad. [Larger version here]

Note the additional detail of "Pickup Only - Again, Make Offer." This shows this is not the same posting as above... rather, it's the same picture and post text put up on Craigslist at a different place -- Atlanta -- and time -- Imgur lists its picture post as "9 months ago," so around July 2015.

        So what we appear to have here is a repeating gag posting on Craigslist... except in April, 2016, it simply got a lot more attention than it had before. Under the circumstances, I'm marking the account as a "False Lead"... an account that wasn't ever true to start with... but giving two thumbs up for a good repeating story!

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