2017, October 31: Return of the Crumlin Road Gaol Ghost Girl?

The Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast, Ireland, started to offer night-time 'paranormal tours' in 2012. On October 31, 2016, a picture was taken that was claimed to show a ghostly girl... and one year later, on October 31, 2017, someone may have captured her again.

        The new picture was taken by a visitor named Paul Browne; and we're told to look down into the lower right corner area to see the face of a -- presumably -- ghostly girl. Next to her is an odd blur that looks a bit like an indistinct face moving.

Belfast Live version.
Strange photo.

And here's a lightened version... see her now?

The shot was first shared out on the Belfast Live website, and... that's all there is to say, surprisingly.

Let's Face It

        Simply put, we just haven't been told enough to prove this could be a ghost photo.

        Looking through the website for the Crumlin Road Gaol tours shows that this photo was almost certainly taken in the underground tunnel that connects the jail with the courthouse across the road from it. Browsing through the jail's Facebook page didn't turn up any more details about the shooting of the photo; but it did turn up a better copy of the photo, which can tell us a lot. Look:

The original photo. [Larger version here]

Larger and lighter.
And here's a lightened version.

        Due to the larger resolution of the new copy, you can see a lot more when it's lightened. The photo was taken with people in front of the camera, as shown by the man to the left... and Belfast Live trimmed the photo to remove the man. His presence in the photo shows that Browne was not using his flash for the photo, rather relying on the ambient light for the shot, which is why the man on the left is lit by his own device (likely phone). So it's quite possible that the little ghost girl is actually just a little girl in the dark of the photo.

        In addition, the man on the left appears to have moved during the exposure; if true, then the blur in the middle could simply be another child moving faster during the photo. It's hard to be sure, but it seems likely that Belfast Live trimmed the man out of the photo to make the end result look spookier.

        Oh, and if you want to know more about the "ghost girl" photo taken on October 31, 2016, one year earlier, follow the 'See Also' link below.

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