1977, May (pre): Cynthia Montefiore’s Fairies

Sometime previous to May 1977, when her account of this was published, Cynthia Montefiore was with her mother in her garden in Somerset, England,where her mother was demonstrating the proper way to take cuttings from a rose tree. Montefiore and her mother were standing facing each other with a rose tree between them, her mother holding a pair of scissors to do the cutting with.

        Montefiore's mother suddenly put her finger to her lips to indicate that neither woman should speak; then she pointed to one of the blooms on the plant between them. There, both could plainly see a small figure of a woman, only about six inches tall, with "brilliantly colored diaphanous wings resembling those of a dragonfly." The tiny woman's limbs were pale pink, and could be seen through her clothes; she had long silvery hair "which resembled an aura." Montefiore and her mother quietly watched the little woman for two minutes as she pointed a small wand with a small light at the tip towards the heart of the flower, her wings vibrating like a hummingbird... then she disappeared.

        Understandably, each woman checked what the other had seen and both completely forgot about taking rose cuttings.

A Second Fairy Sighting

On a different occasion, presumably after the sighting mentioned above, Montefiore was sitting under a tree reading in the same garden when something moved in front of her and caught her attention. A figure, about 18 inches tall, ran from the lawn to Montefiore's left, across a path and onto another lawn, then disappeared under a young fir tree.

        This figure was not a delicate looking fairy. It was "sturdily-built" and appeared to be wearing a one-piece brown suit; it never looked at Montefiore, so she couldn't say what its face was like. She jumped up to investigate the fir tree, but there was no trace of the figure.

        Not long after this experience, a male friend of the family, described the same little brown figure to Montefiore; he had seen it while digging in the vegetable garden for Montefiore's mother.

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