1994, March 12 (pre): The Chicken Speaks!

The Legend:

Sometime previous to March 12, 1994, when the incident was published in the Sunday Star newspaper of Auckland, New Zealand, a woman named Kay Martin was chatting over a drink with a friend when they both heard a chicken squawking as if in distress. They looked outside but saw no chickens... then Martin realized the sounds were coming from her own kitchen. Specifically, they were coming from her oven which contained a chicken she had put in to roast a half hour earlier!

        Martin and her friend pulled the tray containing the chicken from the oven to discover that steam from the stuffing was blowing through the still-intact vocal cords in the carcass' neck... she chopped off the neck. We're also told she hadn't cooked chicken since.

Source's Source

        I've not been able to confirm this story yet for the simple reason its hard to get a New Zealand newspaper from 1994! There is a point of suspicion, however... the article is said to be dated March 12, 1994, and March 1994 is exactly when the Sunday Star newspaper was merged with another paper - the Dominion Sunday Times - to become the Sunday Star Times. This creates a situation where it might be difficult to even get the right newspaper if you're trying to locate them in an archive -- which is exactly the sort of situation that would be useful if inventing a non-existant article you wanted to be hard to confirm (which sounds paranoid, but I've seen it before).

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