1978, December 4: The Prophet Didn’t Have a Ticket

The Legend:

On December 4, 1978, Edward Pearson, who described himself as "an unemployed Welsh prophet," was arrested for traveling by train from Inverness to Perth (both in Scotland) without a ticket. He explained that he was traveling to London to warn the minister of the environment of an earthquake that would soon hit Glasgow. Earthquakes are very rare in the British Isles, and the court was disinclined to allow him to finish his trip. A brief news item was printed in the Dundee Courier & Advertisor on December 6, titled "Prophet Didn't Have a Ticket," and the matter forgotten.

        Three weeks later an earthquake hit Scotland, damaging buildings in Glasgow, among other areas.

Unreliable & Under Investigation

        This is just the first note of this event in Anomalies, and it requires further investigation. More information will be added as I find it.

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