1986, April 10: Nantes' Roi de Rats

It's one of the few rat kings on public display in a museum today and, unfortunately, there's not much said about it. According to the website for the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle [Museum of Natural History] in Nantes, France, their 'roi de rats' was donated to them after it was discovered on April 10, 1986.

Nantes 1
Nantes' nine rat Roi de Rats. [Larger version here]

        The unhappy rodents had been found in the town of Mache -- near Aizenay in the Department of Vendée -- when a representative from a rat poison company was working for some partridge and pheasant breeders; this representative is who gave the rat king to the museum.

Nantes 2
They are displayed in a jar full of preservative. [Larger version here]

        The Nantes Roi de Rats used to have twelve rats in it, but at the time the cluster was found three were detached from it.

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