Rat Kings, and Other Tangled Fauna

It's a strange thing to encounter: a circle of rats joined together by the tips of their tails, and often feared as an omen of ill luck or coming plague. Known in German as the 'Rattenkönig,' in French as the 'Roi de Rats,' and in English as the Rat King... this strange living circle of animals is often envisioned as being the singular throne for a royal rat that subjugates it's minion into a cricle, or is envisioned as being royalty itself since other rats go out of their way to feed the members of the circle so that they do not need to work themselves.

        It's a rare enough occurrence that some zoologists doubt it exists; yet I've found enough to prove that rat kings do appear, though researchers are still debating what exactly causes this tangle to happen.

        In addition to rat kings, reports occasionally appear regarding other animals... but it cannot be doubted that rats in particular appear to be most vulnerable to this strange condition.