2015, July 28: A Teeny-Tiny Rat King

On July 28, 2015, a remarkable -- or possibly questionable -- video was posted by user 'eladio787' to the YouTube website. Entitled "Tiniest Rat King," it appeared to show just that... a rat king comprised of the fewest number of animals possible.

Nothing in the video gives a clue where this was filmed, and 'eladio787' didn't add a caption to the clip to explain anything about it. The animals involved appear to be mice, not rats, and there also appears to be a material of some sort holding their tails together.

        The reactions on the page basically fall into two categories: those who are amazed they are looking at a genuine rat king, and those who are sure the animals were glued together just to make the video.

The attachment between the rats. [Larger version here]

This is the clearest moment in the video where the area the tails are attached can be seen, with one mouse on either side of the wheel. As I said, there appears to be some material at the attachment point, maybe twine or carpet fuzz... but it does not appear their tails have directly twisted into knot. You be the judge on this one.

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