2013, June 11: The Squirrel King

It was a lucky find, both for the worker and the squirrels. Sometime around June 11, 2013, a city worker brought six squirrels they had found nesting near a pine tree to the Animal Clinic of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Pine sap had apparently glued their tails together, trapping them in a ring known as a 'squirrel king.'

        The vetenarians sedated the six furballs and then proceeded to shave their tails... sacrificing the squirrels' self respect to save their lives!

Tale of Tails 1
Examning the tangle.

Tale of Tails 2
Sedation, shaving, and slow untangling. [Larger versions here]

        Luckily, the squirrels had been found pretty soon after their tales had gotten stuck. Though the tails were a bit raw and sore, all the squirrels got to keep theirs... had they tugged at each other too long, amputation might have been necessary. As was, after some rest all six were released back into the city's parks.

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