Hauntings & Hotspots: Paranormal Locations

One way to relate a series of paranormal events is by location, if the location is well defined enough. A classic example of this idea are what is known in English as "Hauntings"... typically a building or location that has repeating reports of ghost-like activity.

        A similar idea is that of "Hotspots," which once referred specifically to locations with repeating reports of UFO activity. Here in Anomalies, I use the term to more generally refer to repeating reports in an area of just non-ghostly activity... though what is "ghostly" or not can become very blurred at times. I mostly favor very well-defined areas of activity, because when an area is too large, it becomes too easy to throw a bunch of things together that may not be related. Nonetheless, I will be adding some larger areas later, such as a study of the "Bermuda Triangle," which is about the largest area of weird activity that has ever been seriously proposed!

        So, here I present a list of locations that have been reported to have repeating paranormal or mysterious activities, whether or not said activities are actually related in any other way.