Leeds Library - Leeds, Yorkshire, England

The Leeds Library
The Leeds Library [Larger version here]

The Leeds Library was established way back in 1768, and is still running today... and it's a beautiful library! (I hope to visit it someday!) Of course, it is also apparently haunted, which is the real reason I've got it listed here.

        The reported events concerning the haunting first came to light in late 1884 and, by late 1885, the authorities in charge of the library called for a total blackout on the topic; so no one ever reported anything else. Still, what was reported was quite wild.

        Nowadays the library's custodians willingly admit to the previous haunting report, which makes me suspect two things. First, they know a good tourist-bait story when they see one and, second, the actual haunting has likely ceased, as no more events have been added to the initial reports despite the library's new interest in the topic.

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