Flaps: Paranormal Patterns in Time

Sometimes, paranormal events of a similar nature occur in a bunch of different places for just a short time... then stop. These short time repeats of strange occurrence have come to be labeled "Flaps." As a term, 'flaps' was originally used in reference to UFO activities that showed similar traits for a short time, but is now generally used to refer to short periods of any repeating strange or paranormal occurrence.

        Flaps tend to start with a single odd event that is soon followed by an increasing number of repeating reports from different locations, all generally from different witnesses, which then slow down and stop altogether. Flaps often get wide reportage, and many of the individual accounts within a flap can be mere copycats trying to get in on the immediate attention... but true flaps have a core of reports that resist easy definition or explanation.

        Below I present a list of reported events in Anomalies that appear to represent a variety of flaps, keeping in mind that it can sometimes be hard to decide what to group together this way or not.