Omens of Doom

An 'omen', as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is "an occurrence or phenomenon believed to portend a future event." For my purposes here, I'm using the phrase 'Omens of Doom' to mean "any event read as an indication of a non-specific future ill-luck that has no obvious connection to the event"... which is to say, the event foretold is not clear, nor is the way it's foretold. In most cases, omens of this type are a spectral visitation that simple indicates something bad will happen; and often these are repeating events, which is why people know what the events signify.

        Omens should not be mistaken for prophecies, curses, or coincidences, though all of these categories blend together some. However, a prophecy is generally a specific statement of an upcoming event, as is a curse; omens warn of bad fortune, but rarely give detauils about the who, when, and what of the coming event. And coincidences are events that are seemingly connected when there is no reason they should be, and generally only happen once and are only noticed after they have occured; whereas omens often repeat, and are a pre-warning of an upcoming event.