1914~1918 (ca.): Prophecy of the Face

In his 1934 book, Family Ghosts and Ghostly Phenomena, Elliott O'Donnell chronicled the strange experience of Sylvia MacKenzie from a branch of the MacKenzie family in Edinburgh, Scotland.

        Young Sylvia MacKenzie was alone at home one evening, sitting in the drawing room of the small house, when she heard a tap at a window that overlooked a small garden. Glancing over, she saw a face -- a long, narrow, noseless face -- pressed against the window. The eyes were very pale, obliquely set and far apart; as they connected with MacKenzie's eyes, the face leered malevolently. As MacKenzie stared at the evil visage, frozen in place by fear, the face gradually faded away. Ms. MacKenzie told her parents of the grim vision as soon as they returned home. They were most upset by the news for, as they explained to her, their family was haunted by a phantom face that only appeared to foretell dire news.

        On the following day Robert MacKenzie, Sylvia's brother in the Canadian forces, was killed on the Western front of World War I (so sometime between 1914-1918).

MacKenzie Omens

        O'Donnell also discussed two other examples of MacKenzie family omens; to read more on these, follow the 'See Also' links below.

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