1924: Death Gives Hugs

Bliss Coleman, at the time living in Braintree, Massachusetts, USA, wrote to FATE Magazine in 1956 about a very strange vision she had many years before.

        In 1924, Mrs. Coleman and her husband had rented a room in a house in Oakland, California, and she was in the habit of coming back to her room each day when she had a 4:00pm break at work. One day as she entered the house, she saw a woman who was a third floor tenant talking to the landlady... and she also saw a six-foot tall skeleton which was standing near and had a bony arm wrapped around the tenant's waist. Neither of the two women showed signs of being aware of the skeleton's presence; and Coleman, terrified, rushed past them to her room down the hall. She was so unsettled by the vision that she soon left the building by a rear door.

        Three weeks later the third floor tenant died, leaving her children motherless.

True or not?

        This story was presented 32 years after the events of the tale would have occurred as a personal statement of a witnessed event. Pass that, it's up to you to believe it or not, or to see if the participants ever existed.

       Personally, I find it an interesting example -- true or not -- of the personification of death.

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