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The Anomalies Bibliography is a list of the best and the worst books on anomalous subjects: strange science, parapsychology, UFOs, and much, much more! Each book is briefly reviewed to give a good idea as to what it's about and how well it treats its subject, as well as links to related articles in ANOMALIES.

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Arment, Chad

Arnold, Larry E.
  • Ablaze!, 1995 M. Evans and Company, Inc., 478 pgs., A Few Citations in Text, Photographs.

Berlitz, Charles
Clark, Jerome
  • Unexplained!, 1993 Visible Ink Press, 443 pgs., Citations in Text, Photographs and Illustrations.

Clarke, Arthur C.
Cohen, Daniel
Colby, C.B.
  • Strangely Enough!, 1959 Scholastic Books (abridged), 184 pgs., illustrated, some sources mentioned in text.

Daniel, G.E.
  • Myth or Legend?, 1968 Capricorn Books, 128 pgs., illustrated with photos, suggestions for further reading at end of each chapter.

Davies, Rodney
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
Edwards, Frank
  • Stranger Than Science, 1959 [Lyle Stuart, Inc.], 1973, Bantam Books, Inc., 181 pgs., some sources mentioned in text.

Fort, Charles
Gould, Rupert T.
  • Oddities, 1928 [?], 1965 University Books, Inc., 278 pgs., illustrated, no bibliography but sources are mentioned in text, index.

Guiley, Rosemary Ellen
Harrison, Michael
  • Fire From Heaven, 1990 Skoob Books Publishing Ltd. [first published: 1976 Sidgwick & Jackson], 379 pgs., Index, Bibliography, Citations in Text, Photographs.

Levy, Joel
  • FATE Magazine, Est. 1948, now published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.
  • Fortean Times, Est. 1973 by Robert Rickard, now published by I Feel Good LTD., England. Titled "The News" for issues #1-15.

Nickell, Joe
Platnick, Kenneth B.
  • Great Mysteries of History, 1971 Harrow Books, 190 pages, index, limited bibliography with citations in text, photographs and illustrations.

Randles, Jenny
Reader's Digest Association, Inc.
Robins, Joyce
Smith, Warren
Tralins, Robert
von Daniken, Erich
  • Chariots of the Gods?, 1969 [Souvenir Press Ltd.], 1971, Bantam Books, Inc., 153 pgs., Index, Bibliography, Photos.

Wilson, Colin and Damon

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