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Most of these definitions are from the Webster's Third New International Dictionary (1981); the rest are mine.

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    "abominable snowman"
      A legendary race of wildmen believed to be living in the Himalayas. See yeti.

    "animal magnetism"
      See mesmerism.

      deviating from a general rule, method or analogy; not conformable to established or accepted conceptions of fitness or harmonious combination.

      the state or fact of being out of place, out of true, or out of a normal or expected position; deviation from the normal rule. Also a name for an object or event that is anomalous. Plural: anomalies.

      someone or something unusual or unexpected that appears; a supernatural (and nonphysical) appearance.

      the motion or production of a physical object during a sťance without any apparent physical means or agency. Also used as a name for an object produced under such conditions.

      divination by the interpretation of physical events and phenomena (as inspection of a flight of birds or examination of the entrails of a sacrificed animal). Also a name for such a physical event or phenomena.

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