Thoughtforms & Tulpas: Creating Reality

Can objects and corporate, independent, animate beings be created simply by believing in them? Some have asserted that not only objects, but also people and animals can be summoned into physical existence by a person or persons who have the right thought process and/or belief to do so. A temporary such manifestation is generally known as a "thoughtform"; a more permanent version, creating an object that can actually exist separate from its initial creation, has come to be called a "tulpa."

         This sort of phenomena has been suggested as the possible 'explanation' for the temporary appearances of religious miracles, monsters, and even Santa Claus... but that is a case of the unexplained being used to explain the unexplained, which never helps clarify anything! If humans can create other physical beings from thought, then possibly related phenomena could be cases where a person appears to physically exist in two places at once. While the concept of entities and objects created from the imagination goes far back in folklore and legends, as an argued actual paranormal phenomena thoughtforms have only really been discussed since around 1880.

        Because thoughtforms are not a distinct category of paranormal phenomena, the claimed evidence for this effect is something of a loose collection of varying occurrences.