Terms & Conventions used in Anomalies

"[date] (pre)" - The event's date is unknown, but it must predate the first year of it's being reported... so "pre" for 'previous to' with the earliest known date of being reported.

"[date] (ca.)" - The event's date is not precisely known, but an approximate date is... so "ca." for 'circa' [about or around] and the date it happened near.

"[date] (pub.)" - "Pub." is short for published, and the date given is the earliest known publication adte for the story. In addition, this is only used for stories that do not claim to be true; either an old tale or a new fiction that is in some way related to Anomalous studies, but is not an actual reported event.

"The Legend" - Articles starting with this notation are either confirmed different from known facts, or have not been verified against known facts yet.

"Unreliable" - The details given in the account are questionable, and should not be trusted without further research.

"False Lead" - The account in question was never based on fact and never occurred.

"Under Investigation" - The account is acknowledged to be missing information that needs to be added still.

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