1827 (pre): John Lambert’s Bargest Encounter

In 1827, William Hone published an article that was about a creature known as a 'Bargest' in his Table Book, wherein he presented a friend from Grassinton's (in North Yorkshire, England) claim to have encountered said beast. As part of this longer account, the following short matter was mentioned.

        We are told that a man named John Lambert encountered the spectral beast known locally as the Bargest in Grassinton. Lambert was walking along a road with a stone wall when he encountered the Bargest... and because he didn't let the beast walk between him and the wall it attacked him. Lambert died as a result of this assault a few days later.


       Because this matter is only given a brief mention as a sidenote in the longer article, and nothing is stated about when the event happened, it's unreliable as proof of a paranormal event. It still, however, represents beliefs from 1827 regarding the creature known as the Bargest and its perceived behaviors.

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