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1827 (pre): John Lambert’s Bargest Encounter

The Legend:

Sometime previous to 1827, when an account of this event was published, a man named John Lambert encountered a spectral beast known locally as the Bargest in Grassinton, North Yorkshire, England. As the story is told, Lambert was walking along a road with a stone wall when he encountered the Bargest... and because he didn't let the beast walk between him and the wall it attacked him. Lambert died as a result of this assault a few days later.


       This matter is only given a brief mention as a sidenote in a longer article about Grassington spectre hound stories, and nothing is stated about when the event happened. I am also unable to find anyone else who even mentions this event. As with all older stories, it's up to the reader to decide if they believe it or not... in either case, it still represents beliefs from 1827 regarding the creature known as the Bargest.