1962 (pub): Let's Play Pull-Finger!

        At the foot of Mt. Tateshina is a pond called Akanuma-ike, and near this pond is a big stone with an infamous history, for there was once a child that would stand atop that stone and ask passers-by to play a game called "pull-finger." it wasn't much of a game; for if the person stopped to play with the child, they were instead pulled into the pond and eaten!

        The villagers soon realized they were dealing with a kappa, and a very dangerous one at that. Luckily for the village, a brave man named Tachiki from Suwa swore he would destroy the kappa. He borrowed a good horse from his master, and rode out by the stone near the pond and, as expected, a child was standing on the stone. "Let's play pull-finger," the child called, and Tachiki said, "all right." The two locked their fingers together; and as soon as this happened Tachiki whipped his horse and rode away as fast as he could, dragging the "child" behind them. This must have been unbearable, for the kappa quickly dropped its attempt to look human and begged to not be killed. The kappa told Tachiki that it would teach him the secret of bonesetting if he would just allow the kappa to live. Tachiki agreed to this deal.

        The kappa, greatly motivated, proved to be an excellent teacher, and showed Tachiki every single detail of the art of bonesetting. Tachiki then set the kappa free, but only on the further condition that the kappa move to a new pond, away from people, so the village need not fear it anymore. The kappa moved that night to the pond near Wada-mura, where it has not caused trouble since.

        As for Tachiki, it needs to be noted that he is said to be the founder of the family line of the famous surgeon also named Tachiki. The big stone by Akanuma-ike is still called "Kagihiki-ishi"... "Pull-Finger Stone."