1962 (pub): Bowls of Koda Pond

        In Junin-mura there is a small body of water called Koda Pond, and in that pond lived a kappa... but Saito Bunji didn't seem to know this, for he tied his horses reins to a tree next to the pond. The kappa saw the horse, and soon untied it and was trying to drag it into the pond when the horse bolted. The kappa was caught completely off-guard and had the water spilled from the bowl on its head, so was unable to stop the animal as the horse dragged the weakened kappa all the way back to its master's barn, where Bunji discovered the kappa.

        The kappa begged forgiveness, and offered to always loan a fine set of bowls to Bunji when he had any sort of feast; Bunji agreed to this unusual offer, and the kappa was free to go. From then on, any time Bunji planned a feast he would discover the kappa's bowls waiting for him in his yard the night before; and when the feast was done, Bunji would place the bowls back where he found them and the kappa would retreive them during that night. This arrangement went on for sometime until an unscrupulous neighbor stole a set of the bowls before the rest were returned to the kappa. After that night, the kappa never lent out its bowls again.