2012, December 11 (ca.): Spooky News Report

[Video source here]

Sometime a little before December 11, 2012 -- when the story went public -- reporter Vanessa Bolano had made the two hour trip from New Orleans to St. Francisville to shoot a segment about the famously haunted Myrtles Plantation in the state of Louisiana, USA. After the filming and a return to the WGNO station in New Orleans, Bolano was reviewing the footage when she discovered she had captured more on film  than just the ambiance of the plantation.

       In a sequence where Bolano was standing in the "French Room," there is an odd flash across the scene. When the footage was slowed down to be examined frame by frame, a cloudy and undefined shape "appears first behind her head by a white door and disappears behind her body, then reappears on the reporter’s dress and becomes more visible off her left shoulder," as it was described by Bolano in an article on the WGNO website. I personally don't see the object until it's off her shoulder in the video myself.

        Bolano made no attempt to explain the odd cloud other than to attribute it to one of the ghosts that are believed to inhabit the plantation. Interviewed by the New York Daily News, Bolano was quoted as noting "In one of the frames, when you stop it, it looks like the profile of a woman’s face." The Daily News reporter wasn't convinced, and noted that skeptics might propose the cloud was possibly either dust or a bug crossing the camera's view.

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