1920~1929: Delmar Clark’s encounter with a Black Dog

Sometime in the early 1920's Delmar Clark of La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA, saw in the darkness near his home a dark dog's face with shining eyes... he could only vaguely define the animal's body in the dark. A week later, Clark saw the same strange animal in the same place, and kicked at it... only to find it had caught his foot in its mouth as if it had anticipated the attack. Clark screamed; and the dog vanished.

        This brief account was published by Delmar Clark's son, Jerome Clark, a well-known author in the world of paranormal subjects. Jerome Clark states that he heard this account from his father in 1976.


        Though the account above is very straightforward, I have to currently consider it unreliable. This is because I am double-checking other Black Dog encounter stories that appear to have been published first by Jerome Clark, some of which are proving difficult to track earlier sources for... in short, I need to be sure he didn't just invent the accounts that appear to be exclusive to him, which describes the above.

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