1920, February 21: A Bare Problem [Patrons Only]

February 21, 1920, was a Saturday... but it was no day off for the local police of East Meon, Hampshire, England.

        A body had been found; that of a naked man lying in a plowed field, who was estimated to be between 30 and 35 years of age. The field was next to Winchester Road, and the man's footprints showed he had walked to where he was across the field on the opposite side of the road, crossed Winchester Road and then walked about fifty yards into the field where he was found. A medical inquest had examined the body and determined the man had died from exposure; itwas also stated that there were minor injuries on him that showed he had likely walked "some distance through hedges and bushes before falling down exhausted." Become a Patron to read the full article!

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