1913: The Patang Snowman

The Legend: 

In 1913 a group of Chinese hunters wounded and captured a hairy man-like creature, that the Tibetans called a snowman. The creature was kept captive in Patang in Sinkiang Province until it died, about five months after its capture. It was described as having a black monkey-like face, and being covered with silvery yellow hair several inches long; its hands and feet were more man-like than ape-like, and were incredibly stong. It grunted and made gutteral noises, but mostly made loud whistling sounds with its lips.


        My only source for this story, despite initial digging, is Frank Edwards' factually challenged 1959 book Stranger Than Science. Most stories in Edwards' book do have a starting point in fact, but he often embellished stories to make them better, and didn't double-check stories that sounded too spectacular... so I expect that there is an earlier source for this account, but also expect the details to be vastly different than what Edwards reported. For now, this report is to be considered 'Unreliable,' since Edwards gave no sources for it.

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