Books of Anomalous Topics that are Worth Reading


Many books have been written about anomalous topics; not all do a good job of it. These are books that either do an excellent job of covering just one anomalous topic, or do an excellent job of surveying a large number of different anomalous topics... all have been useful at some time or another in my research, and all are well written, entertaining books.

Ghost Hunters , by Deborah Blum
Hard Cover - EBook
The Mothman Prophecies , by John A. Keel
Myths and Legends of Japan , by F. Hadland Davis
Paperback - EBook
The Rough Guide to Unexplained Phenomena , by Bob Rickard & John Michell
Paperback - EBook
Secret Life: Firsthand Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions , by David M. Jacobs & John E. Mack
Paperback - EBook
Spontaneous Human Combustion , by Jenny Randles & Peter Hough
Spook: Science tackles the Afterlife , by Mary Roach
Hard Cover - Paperback

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