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Christopher Columbus, UFOs, and the Bermuda Triangle
The Berbalangs of Cagayan Sulu
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Spontaneous Human Combustion

Anomalies is a database of paranormal (and allegedly paranormal) events, objects, and people, compiled from a variety of sources and traced back to their earliest reports.
Articles are separated into two catagories: the General Topics are about major types of paranormal events -- ghosts, UFOs, etc. -- while the Specific Events articles each deal with a single encounter with the strange and unexplained. And for those of you new to these subjects, there's a Glossary to help you with unfamiliar words and phrases commonly used in these articles.
The Bibliography is the list of sources I've used in compiling these articles; each book has a short review, good or bad, and links to all articles that gleaned information from them. The Illustrations List can quickly link you to all the articles with pictures, as well as listing the initial sources for all of the illustrations.
Articles are added and updated often, so check back!

Coming Soon!
  • Curiosities Article: Joined Twins: Secrets Exposed
    A study of conjoined twins and parasitic twins, and how they are related to the eight-limbed Octo-Girl of India.
  • Anomalies Article: Are Kappa Real?
    A study of the evidence for the actual existence of a mythical Japanese water monster.
  • Updated Article: Supernatural Disappearances
    The whole class of disappearances that defy science will be studied, not just one or two cases.

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The Alma and Yeti: Wildmen of Asia
Blue Skin - [PDF Available]
End of the World
The Missing Romanovs
Psychic Surgery: A Second Look - [PDF Available]
Spontaneous Human Combustion: A Brief History
Spring-Heeled Jack
Unknown Animals
The Yeti and Alma: Wildmen of Asia

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The Alma and Yeti: Brief Reports in Chronological Order
Anna Anderson... a.k.a. Anastasia?
The Berbalangs of Cagayan Sulu
The Big Muddy Monster
Boardman and Tasker's Yeti Experience
The Canvey Island Monsters
Christopher Columbus, UFOs, and the Bermuda Triangle
The Cottingley Fairies
Countess Cornelia di Bandi's Fiery Death
David Lang's Supernatural Disappearance
The Devil's Footprints
Dr. Mason's Hypnotic Miracle
Dr. S. Weir Mitchell's Strange Encounter
Duncan MacDougall's attempts to Weigh the Soul
The Green Children - [PDF Available]
J. Temple Thurston's Mysterious Death
The Kraken: Myths, Legends, and History
M. Dessimont's Flaming Hands
Madge Knight's Mysterious Burns
The Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar
Mary Reeser's Strange Death
A Modern Jonah
Mrs. Patrick Rooney's Fiery Death
Nicole Millet's Fiery Death
The Pavia Monument
Renateau's Burning Hands
Reverend Byles' Hole
The Reverend Charles Bunworth's Banshee
The Self-Made Mummies of Japan
The Shipton Photograph
Spontaneous Human Combustion: Known Reports in Chronological Order
Stubblefield's Wireless - [PDF Available]
Tent Girl
William Miller and the Millerites
The Yeti and Alma: Brief Reports in Chronological Order

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