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Most of these definitions are from the Webster's Third New International Dictionary (1981); the rest are mine.

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      a meeting for the purpose of attempting to communicate with departed spirits.

      acronym for "spontaneous human combustion".

    specter or spectre
      1) a visible disembodied spirit. 2) a ghostly and usually fear-inspiring vision of the imagination; something that haunts or persistently perturbs the mind.

      1) the animating or vital principle giving life to physical organisms. 2a) a supernatural being. b) a supernatural, incorporal, rational being or personality usually invisible to human beings but having the power to become visible at will; especially one held to be troublesome, terrifying, or hostile to mankind.

      a belief that departed spirits hold intercourse with the living usually through a medium by means of rapping and other physical phenomena or during abnormal mental states (as trances). Also used as a name for the doctrines and practices of spiritualists. SEE ALSO: Anomalies Article: Spiritualism

      1) one who believes in spiritualism; one who seeks communication with departed spirits. 2) [usually capitalized] a member of a religious organization practicing or believeing in Spiritualism.

      of, relating to, or connected with spiritualism.

    spontaneous human combustion
      [Literally "above nature"] 1) of, belonging to, having reference to, or proceeding from an order of existence beyond the physical universe that is observable, and capable of being experienced by ordinary means. 2) differing from the natural only in degree by being much more than is natural or normal. 3) ascribed to agencies of power above or beyond nature or based upon such an ascription.

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