1908 (pub): A Woman Chonchoñ

This tale is from Quilaqueo, "on the other side of the Cautin," Chile, and was first published in 1908.

        There was a man who had a female friend; this female friend was a witch. One night, the man went to his female friend's house, and found her body without a head. He flipped the body over, then felt a chonchon at the door... it was the woman's head. Scared, he ran to a neighbor's house. When told what was wrong, the neighbor said: "she is a witch." They built a fire to keep the chonchon fluttering outside from entering the house; it soon flew away. That night, however, when they left the house the chonchon head entered and re-joined to its body. The next day the man diede "for having counted"... which I take to mean he died for telling what he had seen.

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