1842 (pre): Fish carried by Gale in Scotland

The Legend:

Some years previous to 1842 (the earliest I can find a published account), during a strong gale in Scotland, herrings and other fish were carried from the Firth of Forth so far as Loch-Leven, a stretch of around ten miles.


        This brief account seems to have been published first in 1842 (I'll keep digging for earlier), and it was copied verbatim for more that 20 years in other books. Unfortunately, the account doesn't really tell us much... no specific date is set, and a strong wind distributing a variety of fish along watery areas -- 'firth' is Scottish for 'estuary' and 'loch' means 'lake' -- while extraordinary, is not paranormal. The lack of a date has made it impossible so far to nail down further details, or if the event actually happened.

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