1900 (pub): One Night's Watch

        Near the south end of Loch Basibol on the Island of Tiree, Scotland, there is a place with the unusual name of Fhaire na h-aon oidhch' -- "The One Night's Watch." The story behind the name is that a water-horse, presumably from Loch Basibol, was in the habit of visiting a woman at this place and would sit silently to watch her doing some repetative job. There was a man who heard of these visits and wished to see what the water-horse was like, so he put on the woman's clothes and sat down in her place to do the job one day. The water-horse approached the door, but would not enter the house because it knew immediately that this rather large 'woman' was by no means who it normally visited... and, presumably, it stated as much before leaving. So the man's secret watch only lasted one night, hence "The One Night's Watch."

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